There are times when congratulating smart design choices and making them visible for others to learn by example is the only right thing to do. These 3 small businesses went all out despite their size and got spectacular results. So, if you want to follow their example and be on your way to building your perfect website, take a look and let it all soak in:

Native Union – E-Commerce Website

5 - 4 Small Businesses which Chose a Good Web Design Team
Uncluttered design layout? Check. Easily accessible search bar? Check. Aesthetically pleasing images arranged so as to naturally guide your eyesight through their beautiful catalog? Check. Plus, they have mastered the art of choosing a colorful palette that is easy on the eyes. That is a winning combo and standard many e-commerce websites should strive for.

Le Garage – Restaurant

On the days of taking out and Google Maps, having a website for your restaurant is unavoidable, but while many struggles to make the perfect restaurant website, Le Garage does just fine sticking to the basics of good service.

Want to treat someone to a gift card for future consumption? Le Garage offers that. Want to make a reservation? Look no further than their homepage. Need a look at the menu? It is easy to navigate and looks absolutely delicious.

Robbie Leonardi – Online Portfolio

The freelancing world is a ruthless competition for visibility and distinction. Making yourself unique is not just an extra, is a must. Robbie Leonardi is a visual artist and illustrator who didn’t just offer a gallery of pretty pictures to look at. He decided to make his website interactive.

This goes a long way in keeping people interested in his work but also does a good showcase of all of his abilities and even give a bit of insight into the type of person he is, which surely make him attractive to his future employers.

Stoneycrete – General Contractor Firm

6 - 4 Small Businesses which Chose a Good Web Design Team
If you are looking to do some construction work at home, what is the first thing you look at in a contractor’s website? This website has a great portfolio of past jobs, credentials and the possibility to ask for a free quote right away. Stoneycrete won on all three fronts with their beautiful and functional website.

Now that you have some examples of what great design can look like making better decisions about your website in your future should be no more complicated than browsing these masterfully designed websites.