In today’s world having an online presence can make the difference between making great business and being out of business. However, not all online presence is created equally, and having a great website plays a very important part in having the good kind of online presence: the kind that gets you closer to a wider array of potential customers.

However, many law firms usually end up with a run-of-the-mill, colorless website that hurts all of their chances to stand out among the crowd—and let’s be real, on the internet law firms are a really big crowd. Building an effective law firm website is not terribly complicated endeavor, but there are certain standards you must meet to ensure the maximum amount of conversion and client satisfaction.

Invest In A Simple, Beautiful And Functional Design

3 - Building a Law Firm's Website - Does Yours Meet These Standards?
Even though there are many elements that go into creating a great website, nothing beats these three basics. A simple design will keep your website from looking cluttered, messy and unprofessional. A beautiful design will make your website easy to look at, which goes a long way in keeping your clients “in” your website. A functional design will let your clients find the services they are looking for with ease, and will make contacting your law firm a thousand times easier, ensuring conversion and good business.

Do Showcase Your Lawyer’s Profiles and Services

Always remember that this is what your clients are specifically looking for when they land on your homepage. Don’t make it complicated for them to find this information, because this will lead them away from you.

All of your professionally-taken pictures, crisp design, and conscious branding should work to make this meat-and-potatoes element of your business to stand out. After all, this is where you make your money.

Don’t Forget That Content Is Key

Even though this phrase has been made famous in the marketing world, it doesn’t mean that it can’t apply to your law firm’s website.

Offering good content through your website elevates your authority among your peers and your clients. You will look more professional, important, and generally more desirable for potential clients.

Make Sure Your Website Is Optimized For Search Engines

4 - Building a Law Firm's Website - Does Yours Meet These Standards?
Who is the best friend of a professional law firm with a killer website? Well, you guessed it: Google.

It doesn’t matter if you made the investment and got yourself a website that guarantees the ultimate user experience and satisfaction if there is no one to make use of it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an umbrella term for all the practices you can adhere to make your website rank more prominently in sites like Google and Bing. This is important, as the higher, you rank, the easier you will be able to be found in the vastness of the internet.

By making sure you are meeting these standards in law firm web design, you will open yourself up to a bigger crowd of users who are looking for a convenient and surefire way to get the legal help they need, ensuring that your law firm thrives and prospers.