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3 Web Design Commandments to Build your Law Website

bb1 680x330 - 3 Web Design Commandments to Build your Law Website

Web design may look like the farthest thing from legal counseling you could think of, but the truth is that, nowadays, it is an indispensable tool to make your legal practice thrive.

The good news is that, contrary to the legal world, web design is not a particularly intricate or impenetrable matter, and its foundations are quite simple to understand. If your aim is to take your legal business online in the hopes of keeping yourself relevant and in the market, here are a few web design commandments to follow so that you do not fall off the wagon.

Invest in Good Design

It is a big mistake to think that you can pay a guy over on the internet to flip a WordPress template and make you an awesome low-cost website. First, this won’t help you distinguish yourself from the competition. Second, your website may be subpar not only in looks but also in functionality and user experience.

Allocating an average budget for the creation of your website will give you a lot more leeway into finding a web design agency that understands your needs as an online business and brand.

Focus on Your Strengths

1new - 3 Web Design Commandments to Build your Law Website
When faced with the question of what services to offer through their website, most law firms try to cram as many as they can on their home page. This will undeniably lead to an illegible mess that will scare customers away instead of keeping them in.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, focus on a few services that builds the core of your business. This can be the things you do better, the things you do the most, or the things that bring you the most business.

Whichever you choose, just make sure that when they are listed, there is still plenty of room on your website for other important design elements, like pictures and information of interest.

Get Help to Boost Your SEO

2 - 3 Web Design Commandments to Build your Law Website
Nowadays, when someone is interested in contracting any kind of service, they don’t go to the yellow pages, they go to Google. This site processes up to 3.5 billion of queries a day, and the only way to rank in those queries is to get you website indexes and to do all you can to rank higher in searches.

Thankfully, there are a great number of agencies that specialize in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to better your chances of showing up higher in Google searches. Invest in those that offer you reliable information, tailor-made strategies, and measurable results.

Following this 3 commandments, you can make sure you are on your way to build the website your legal practice needs to expand its online presence and make good use of it.

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